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One of the biggest challenges facing forward-thinking organizations of all sizes is effectively translating a great idea into a revenue-producing venture that produces measurable value for your customers and consumers. We specialize in all aspects of this process.

Gerald Driggs, our Managing Partner, has more than 40 years of social entrepreneurial experience, a successful management track record, and innovative accom
plishments in developing and using technology in organizational improvement. Our team of associates provides solutions that produce results.



We focus on strategic and business planning, financial modeling, marketing and business development. GFS principals pioneered Outcomes Based Management, successfully implemented the first outcomes tracking system for human services in the United States, and have worked with more than 150 organizations and businesses to reach their financial and social impact goals.


We are a network of associates including experts in information system development, business development, non-profit organizational management, marketing, and all aspects of social enterprise design and implementation. We are proud to offer a team of experienced associates that span the spectrum of “best of the brightest” Millennials to “grey haired” Boomer veterans.



We focus on assignments that produce high-impact results in relatively short time frames at affordable rates. All of our engagements are based on measureable results.


We are committed to assisting small to mid-size businesses and non-profit organizations make a difference and generate revenue at the same time. Some call it social entrepreneurship. Some call it social responsibility. We prefer to think of it as smart solutions that create impact.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in any Ground Floor Solutions' services, contact us via phone or email:

Ground Floor Solutions
900 Delafield Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
P: (412) 680-1602

Gerald Driggs

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